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How to manage an intimidating boss

Indeed, recent polls by Gallup and The Herman Group found that between 50 and 75 per cent of workers are not looking to pursue other interests or a bigger pay cheque, but rather simply trying to escape bad managers and poor leadership. If you love your job, why should you be driven away by the behaviour of one individual?

Instead of jumping ship and having to start from scratch all over again, you can learn to handle your boss – a practice known as “up managing”.

A True Final Boss is also more likely to be integrated into the plot as The Man Behind the Man (unless it turns out to be a Giant Space Flea from Nowhere), and besting it may be required for a Golden Ending, while a Bonus Boss is just kinda...

In recent years, it has become a widely acknowledged, data-quantified truth that people don’t in fact leave jobs, but rather managers, with poor and ineffective leadership estimated to be costing the UK economy more than £19bn a year.

Chances are they will move on to their next promotion fairly quickly anyway.

Although the constant absence of your boss might initially be a positive thing, at some point the lack of leadership and presence will cause issues.

As this kind of boss typically takes up a large part of the screen, it is very common for only a small area to be vulnerable.

These bosses typically either have a looping, indefinitely long track on which to pursue you, or an effective time limit in that there's some sort of hazard towards which they are driving you.

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