George clooney and julianna margulies dating

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George clooney and julianna margulies dating

Despite their commitment to one another, Margulies had no intention of tying the knot, and they later split in 2003.

Her 12-year relationship with Ron Eldard produced no marriage and no children, leading many to question if it was something that Margulies saw in her future.

Although it seemed genuine, Clooney didn’t tell Julianna that he gave the same line to ex-girlfriend Kelly Preston on the same show.

Eight years later, Clooney finally revealed his prank and had the two stories cut together, but later decided against airing it.

She explained “It was a total surprise, but I said, ‘Okay, I guess we’ll roll with it.'” However, Keith had other ideas and felt they should be married before welcoming their child, leading the couple to tie the knot in 2007 in Lenox, Massachusetts.

Margulies was seven months pregnant when walking down the aisle, wearing a beautiful, flowing gown by Narciso Rodriguez.

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However, when producers noticed how popular she was with fans, they decided to keep her on the show.