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Ethan hawke dating 2016

"I think media is part of the career of an actor," she says."There is no career for an actor who is in some way not in the media, unless they are unsuccessful."And get ready to be seeing more of the Thurman back in the press.In fact, there's not much the creative jack of all trades hasn't done. Read on to find out what he's been up to over the past couple of decades.He's written three novels and four screenplays and has been nominated for Oscars for both acting and writing … In 2003, Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman seemed to have it all.Though a lot is asked of Hawke in the role, he shows what a remarkable actor he is.

Abby is his dog, and she sometimes looks after him just as much as he looks after her.

Although they’re all introduced as archetypes, West slowly peels back their layers and reveals that there’s nothing stock about Paul, Gilly or the Marshal.

This is a movie where the two adversaries, Paul and the Marshal, are almost always on the same page. They’re both going to do what they have to, though, and seeing Hawke and Travolta play with that idea, often in humorous ways, leads to a lot of laughs. Karen Gillan and Taissa Farmiga provide some laughs as well, but Travolta scores the biggest laugh in a scene with one of Gilly’s men.

When Paul rambles about the past or jokes with his dog, Hawke makes you listen to his every word. “In a Valley of Violence” is remarkably simple, but in no way is it slight.

There’s nothing minor about entertainment value this high.

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West’s script is packed with similar, crowd-pleasing threats and one-liners.

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  1. In the late 70's he had appeared in a couple of movies - a minor part in Chris Petit's "Radio On" and an excellent cameo in Franc Roddam's "Quadrophenia" but "Brimstone and Treacle" was a major role and Sting took up a good deal of screen time opposite Joan Plowright and Denholm Elliot.