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But when I first met him I was rather concerned about revealing my age to him since he was a 15 year old and I'm a 12 year old.

I'm quite mature for my age though, so when he and his friends met me they all thought I was 14.

I understand that realationships usually matter the most on how mature each partner is, and although I can guarantee you that we are both equally mature, I'm still a little concerned about our age gap. Hey there, This really has to be your decision to make - none of us here can tell you what's the right or wrong thing to do.

From your post alone, I can tell you're really mature for your age and I believe you can make the right choice.

It's a trick to distract us from the horrors to come, but we don't know that at this early juncture. Some Dude dies (not before ruining Jake's shirt) and what? There is one other sexy scene about halfway through the film.

After groaning a bit in early morning lethargy, he drags himself out of bed (boxers only) and makes out with a woman in a towel in the bathroom. Some Dude was, like, the top guy in this region for the CIA? Jake comes home and his girlfriend starts groping him. I know half of the known universe thinks it's the greatest thing ever, but I'm opposed to it.

) As a guest on Teen Help you are only able to use some of our site's features. Also, the all-too-neat converging plot lines fit together in movie-magic perfection, but if the story is supposed to be realistic, why rely on the convenience of trite predictability? I'm already against it, so why make me uncomfortable? However, it left me depressed and uncomfortable, and did so without giving me the satisfaction of knowing that my response was the result of a genuine connection to what I'd seen unfold on screen.It's perfect in its execution, but flawed in its conception.

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A man came out and introduced a woman who came out and introduced Gavin Hood who came out and introduced the key players of the film. Surely there are countless compelling stories that could be told, or even fictional ones that don't tie together in a neatly unrealistic way. That's not to say that as a piece of art, it didn't work.

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