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The Mwene Matapa recognized Portuguese rule in 1629.

The Portuguese called the area Terra da Boa Gente ("Country of the Good People").

Southern tribes include the Tsonga, the Karanga, the Chopi, the Shona, and the Nguni.

Roughly 3 percent of the population is European, Indian, Chinese, Pakistani, or mestizo (mixed African and European).

Along the northern coast, many people speak Swahili.

Portuguese is the language of education and government but is rarely spoken outside the cities.

The area of the country is 308,642 square miles (799,509 square kilometers).

The terrain ranges from rain forests and swamps to mountains, grasslands, sand dunes, and beaches.

The population is divided among roughly sixty different ethnic groups, including nine major ones.

By the fourteenth century, those settlements had developed into independent city-states and were the main political and commercial centers in the area.

The Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama was the first European to reach current-day Mozambique.

The Zambezi River is an important natural resource, supplying power through the Cahora Bassa dam, one of Africa's largest hydroelectric projects.

The Zambezi flows west to east and cuts the country into northern and southern regions that diverge, to some extent, in terms of culture and history as well as climate.

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