Boy meets boy dating show

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"Of course they can," James says, but he's quick to add that he believes men in general are more sexual than women."Straight men would have sex the first night if women would let them."They were finishing each other's sentences right from the get-go and really had that relationship we were looking for." This dynamic, so indicative of the relationships of many gay men and their straight women friends, should help provide a hook for straight viewers while giving the show some oomph. "Andra was the voice behind many of the decisions," he says. If she wanted me to have a one-on-one date with a specific mate, I did." And if Andra's presence isn't enough to be a cold shower for the mates, the only physical connection allowed on is kissing."We didn't want this show to be a big sexual romp and for it to be salacious." explains openly gay executive producer Douglas Ross, who created the show with Tom Campbell, his production partner at Evolution Film & Tape."But we felt by putting [the twist] in, we would get a much broader audience and have a chance to explore the sociological issues which are really important to us as gay producers." Adds Scott Seomin of the media watchdog organization Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation: "Frankly, only a reality show could create a closet for straight men.We hope the closeted heterosexuals in the cast will learn what it's like to be gay." Since gay images on reality TV have becoming something of a stale staple — lately failing to match the excitement generated by, say, Pedro Zamora and Richard Hatch — it's promising that promises to shake up concepts of sexuality.

What drives an obviously attractive, successful gay man to subject himself to what some consider a very wide-reaching video dating service?Take it as a good sign, then, that within hours of the show's announcement, Andrea Lafferty of the right-wing Traditional Values Coalition was quoted by the Associated Press as saying, "Clearly, they've hit a new low.What's next after , just won a Lambda Literary Award, welcomes such controversy.That's what we're watching for." There's horrendous behavior, and then there's's disastrous same-sex secret-crush episode in 1995, in which Scott Amedure, a gay man, surprised his heterosexual friend Jonathan Schmitz by professing his attraction to him.

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