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Backdating to save age life insurance

You fill out a table like this: For every month and each person, you put down the contribution limit for that person according to the rules above.If a person is eligible on the 1st of the month and is not enrolled in Medicare in that month, he or she is considered to be eligible for the entire month.If both husband and wife are covered in a family HDHP, they can split the family-level HSA contribution limit between the two of them however they want.It can be 100% into one person’s HSA, into separate HSAs in each person’s name, or anywhere in between.

If one spouse in a married couple has self-only coverage and another spouse has family coverage (with kids, for example) through a separate plan, they are both treated as having family coverage.

Again, because an HSA is in one individual’s name, the person who is 55 or over can contribute the catch-up only to his or her own account if he or she is eligible for a contribution to begin with.

If both husband and wife are 55 or over, they must have separate accounts if they want to contribute the maximum.

So far so good if you have just one health plan throughout the entire year.

It gets more complicated when you are married and the two of you are on different health plans.

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Finally there’s a “last month rule” that says if you are eligible on December 1, you can claim to be eligible for the entire calendar year even if you weren’t eligible earlier in the year.

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